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We apply unique method for the treatment of nerve paralysis which was created by combining medical acupuncture with a more than 50 year long tradition in the Czech Republic, and knowledge of physical medicine, which used in rehabilitation medicine.

Modern treatment method

The method Active® consists of activating acupuncture pathways using needles applied to acupuncture points. Electrical pulses are then introduced into these needles to stimulate points in the paralyzed parts of the body.

Certified physicians

Náš odborný tým

Mudr. Jan Slávka

MDDr. Jan Slávka

MDDr. Marie Slávková

Modern equipment

We have the most modern equipment and methods which are well-proven and has several years of tradition not in the Czech Republic, but also in the world. Get yourself a second chance and let experienced physicians to improve your health. If you are interested in Ac-tive® method treatment, contact us.

Physician courses

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Základní kurz možností analgezie

Léčba paréz a spasticity u dospělých pacientů

Léčba paréz a spasticity u dětských pacientů

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Fees & Insurance

Interventions are/ not covered by insurance.

Are you interested in Ac-tive® method treatment?

Zavolejte na +420 585 631 420 nebo nám napište na vtp@upol.cz