Professional doctor courses

Offer of professional courses for doctors

Conditions for completing professional doctoral courses:

      • The course is designed for doctors who have already completed at least a basic course. Courses are organized at regular intervals by Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně. If you are a doctor and want to attend the course but you have not passed the above mentioned course, it is necessary to make an individual agreement with the course guarantor.
      • The course focused on the treatment of paresis and spasticity in adult patients may be completed after finishing the basic course.


Active®Basic Course

      • During the basic course the possibilities for using analgesia with the Ac-tive® method will be discussed.®.
      • Methods of electroacupuncture (ie the application of electric current into acupuncture needles) are discussed in detail. Emphasis is placed on practical forms of application and the selection of individual paths and points. In particular, the principles of safe administration and the most common treatments for pain conditions in outpatient and hospital conditions are discussed in detail.
      • To successfully complete the course, It is necessary to pass the final test of knowledge. After completing the course, participants will receive a certificate.
      • . The course is scheduler up for 3 days: Friday, Saturday Sunday.
      • The course always starts on Friday from 14:00 and ends on Sunday at 13:00.


Active® advanced Adults Course

      • The course focuses on the treatment of paresis and spasticity in adult patients and follows on from the basic course.
      • Participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the applications of the Ac-tive® method for the treatment of all types of paretic conditions. Emphasis is placed on practical applications in central paresis and also in damage to the peripheral nervous system, the selection of appropriate pathways and points in specific clinical cases. Furthermore, the use of acupuncture microsystems and other techniques for the maximum possible restoration of functional momentum.


Active® Advanced Children Course

      • The course focuses on the treatment of paresis and spasticity in children patients. Opening in 2021.

Course dates

      • Ac-tive® basic:
      • Ac-tive® advanced:

Course application


Application for the Active® Basic course – HERE


Application for the Active ® Advanced course – HERE

You can also sign up for one of the courses on by phone or by e-mail or in person at:
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